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For Sale: 2016 Philips EPIQ 7 Demo System with Fusion and Navigation System:

System is optimized for General, Small parts, OB/Gyn, 3D/4D, Pediatrics, Vascular, Echo, Interventional

Transducers included: eL18-4 - PureWave Linear multi-row array transducer with fine elevation focusing. This transducer incorporates integrated EM (electro-magnetic) tracking coils for AI Breast and Fusion/Navigation compatibility. This transducer supports a broad range of high resolution applications including breast, small parts, vascular and musculoskeletal imaging. Also supports pediatric and specialty OB imaging.

X6-1 - Extended operating frequencies for abdominal and OB.

C5-1 - PureWave curved array transducer with 5 to 1 MHz extended operating frequency range.

C5-1 PureWave Curved Array for high performance OB/GYN, Abdominal and Interventional applications.

C9-2 - PureWave curved array transducer with 9 to 2 MHz extended operating frequency range.

C9-2 PureWaveCurved Array for high performance OB/GYN and Abdominal.

3D9-3v - Curved array transducer with 9 to 3 MHz extended operating frequency range and 130-degree field of view, supporting high resolution 2D imaging; high resolution quantitative, single sweep 3D volume acquisition; and 4D imaging for endovaginal obstetrical and gynecological applications.

S5-1 - Sector array transducer with 5 to 1 MHz extended operating frequency range for adult cardiology, and adult and TCD applications.

D2cwc - Dedicated 2 MHz continuous wave Doppler

Physio Kit - Physio allows EPIQ to receive ECG information via leads connected to patients.

Fusion and Navigation: The fusion and navigation option allows the user to choose between fusion and navigation, or to use both in combination. Includes fusion and navigation instrument package as described separately. All additional tracking devices may be optionally purchased as separate line items.

Fusion and Navigation Instrument Package

PercuNav Accessories required for Fusion and Navigation imaging, consists of PercuNav Patient Tracker (Quantity 3), PercuNav Ultrasound Tracker (Quantity 1), and PercuNav Adaptive Needle Tracker (Quantity 2).Transducer tracking bracket sold separately via CIVCO or via Upgrade order. For optional additional accessories or multiple brackets please see next box: Fusion and Navigation Trackers.

Includes black and white printer, DVD player/recorder

Please contact Jenn Sydnam at Real Time, Inc 907-357-2158 for specifics

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